History of our Mill

As its name suggests, this mill was originally at 15th and 16th century, a mill to make pulp. Rags are crushed by hammers actuated by the driving force of paddle wheels. At that time, the mill should be reduced in size.
After several expansions, it becomes the 19th century, a grain mill to make flour. During this period he had to have two paddle wheels installed in 2 lanes side by side.
He is still on the main facade of the date of 1787, when his hour of glory and its height. The floor was constructed at this time.
Early 1900, it was converted into a dairy, and power turbine this time was used to operate the machinery required for such activities.

From 1860 he was fitted with a turbine Fountain 40 horses. La chute du barrage à ce moment là, était proche de 2 mètres ; Celui-ci a été baissé de 60 cm lorsqu'il a été refait en 1971. The collapse of the dam at the time, was close to 2 meters; It was down by 60 cm when it was rebuilt in 1971.

In the years 1940-1950, he also serves as sawmill.

During the war in the 40s, the youth of the village would dance there in complete secrecy.

Today, it became our home and we always use the driving force behind the show to produce some electricity.

We are happy to welcome you and make you discover it !

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